About Me

Hi, my name is Aaron Pereira and I started this website to share my interest and knowledge of indoor cacti and plants. I love to have some type of nature indoors. Plants are alive. They are living things, they grow, eat, move and reproduce. They are not just part of the environment, they are the environment. They are pure life.

I love Growing Veggies and keeping small Cactus and Succulents in my room

We are living in a concrete world, surrounded by walls and tall buildings. I love technology, but there is nothing natural about it. It’s not alive. Plant can actually keep the air around you clean. They take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Can you imagine, if there was a machine that did the same thing? It would cost you money and it would be unnatural.

We should all have a bit of natural life in our homes. Plants give out positive energy and brings you a little closer to nature, to the earth.