A Vegetable Companion Planting Guide

Just like humans and animals, plants need good companions for better survival. Other than growth and fruiting, plants are considered as idle objects. They are rooted in a specific place and cannot control their surrounding conditions. In the planting communities, some plants support the growth of each other and dramatically improves the taste of surrounding edible plant growing produce. Whereas, some plants exert adverse effects on the growth of other plants. This happens since the plants also compete for nutrients, space, and resources.

In this vegetable companion planting guide, you will learn not only about what vegetable goes well with another vegetable but also how to plant them in your garden for maximum plant growth.  

Companion Planting

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Beneficial Insects for Gardens: A Natural and Efficient Way to Overcome Harmful Pests

All insects are not bad for gardens; some of them are beneficial as they greatly help as biological control agents against various diseases and pests. They offer a sustainable solution on a long-term basis by preying on bugs that cause significant damage to plants and gardens. Beneficial insects are living organisms for controlling various pests. In this article, we will discuss beneficial insects for gardens, different kinds of beneficial insects, and different ways of attracting them to your garden.

Beneficial Insects

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How to build a Raised Garden Bed and its Benefits

Raised garden beds offer a unique solution to various problems associated with gardening. Raised garden bed containers provide superior pest and weed management as compared to planting on ground level. If the gardening area is clayey or sandy or just not fit for gardening, then a raised garden bed might be a solution. Raised beds in a garden are significantly beneficial for small and large spaces. This system dramatically helps to increase the growth and yield of plants without any hassle.

A raised garden bed is also suitable for areas where the soil is contaminated in some way. Lets get into how to build a raised garden bed, what materials you can use and what are the advantages of a raised garden bed

How to build a Raised Garden Bed

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What is Mulching and How to Mulch: Enhance Your Garden

Mulch has been derived from the Greek word molsch, meaning soft or tender to decay. This term is used for the addition of leaves and straws for covering the ground. Mulching is the easiest way to ensure success in gardening. Mulch is an irreplaceable hero, either when one is involved in planting gardens at a larger scale or is planting with containers and pots. Lets look in detail, what is mulching and how to mulch.


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What is Container Gardening

What is Container Gardening ? Container gardening is simply planting in pots. If you live in an apartment or a small space with no lawn or backyard you can try container gardening. You can create a natural sanctuary along rooftops or on balconies. Fill your window boxes with beautiful roses or any other flowery plants. You may choose to highlight a small space with a single specimen or arrange your pots in a group for a massed effect. You will be delighted to have this simple garden in your home.

Container Gardening

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