What is Container Gardening

What is Container Gardening ? Container gardening is simply planting in pots. If you live in an apartment or a small space with no lawn or backyard you can try container gardening. You can create a natural sanctuary along rooftops or on balconies. Fill your window boxes with beautiful roses or any other flowery plants. You may choose to highlight a small space with a single specimen or arrange your pots in a group for a massed effect. You will be delighted to have this simple garden in your home.

Container Gardening

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How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 Steps

A guide on How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 steps.
A beautiful garden is a work of heart. There is a lot of satisfaction in creating your own garden. It can be relaxing. stress free and fun for the kids. It is great to have nature around our homes, it provides fresh air, something really beautiful to look at and you can even get some fresh veggies and fruits out of them. You can do fun, relaxing gardening work all year round for your whole life. But how do you create a unique garden and how do you start?

Garden at Home

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Home Gardening Types and Benefits of Gardening

Home gardening is a lovely activity for the entire family. Gardening is a very popular hobby for everyone. It is a popular activity you can do with the whole family. Most people think gardening is only about flower gardening and outdoor gardens. But besides flower gardening and outdoor gardens there are many other types of gardens. Today I write about Home Gardening Types and Benefits Of Gardening.

Home Gardening

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