Christmas Cactus Care Instructions

Christmas cactus is a rare cactus that surprisingly blooms from late November to late January. It blooms flowers in pink or lilac colors and has bright green leaves complimenting the season. Its botanical name is Schlumbergera but I can’t pronounce it. They have a long bloom time, beautiful flowers and they are easy to care for making them a wonderful house plant. They will go perfect with your Christmas decorations at home and a perfect Christmas gift . We offer you Christmas cactus care instructions so you can have your plant blooming every Christmas

Christmas Cactus

How to care for Christmas Cactus

They bloom during late November and late January and if you want them to bloom again next Christmas you need to follow these Christmas cactus care instructions.

  • Soil: Christmas cacti can grow in any container. Be sure to use high drainage soil and have pots with drainage holes. Buying a cactus mix is best for a Christmas cactus. Cactus mix is very porous and fast draining, which is perfect.
  • Temperature: Dramatic temperature changes can cause flower buds to drop more rapidly. Maintain an optimal climate of 65 degrees.
  • Humidity: Christmas cactus need a lot of humidity. If you live in an area with a lot of humidity then your good, but if you don’t, then you will want to create humidity in the room. Use a humidifier to add humidity in the room.
  • Watering: Do not let the soil get dry. If you see the top of the soil is dry to the touch, soak the soil in water until the water runs through the pot’s drainage holes. Discard all the water in the water tray so your Christmas cactus doesn’t sit in water. When your Christmas cactus is flowering you have to water more frequently.
  • Light: During winter when they are blooming you can keep them in moderate but indirect sunlight. During summer you can keep them under a shade.
  • Fertilization: Use high potassium fertilizer every two weeks once the buds form. Re-pot your cactus every 2 years after flowering.
  • Pests and Diseases: If you notice your plant dropping its blossoms it might be under some stress. This could be related to the amount of light or change in temperature. If over-watered, the plant may get some mealybugs or root rots. You can cut off the infected areas and repot in clean soil.

Tips for Christmas cactus

  • Christmas cactus does not like drastic changes. So if you need to adjust its location or temperature, you need to slowly acclimate the Christmas cactus.
  • If your cactus is growing a bit unruly, you can prune yearly to keep your cactus in shape and beautiful. Prune by cutting between two leaf segments. You can use these segments too by propagating them. Let the cut part dry for a while then plant it back in the soil. In a couple of weeks you will have new roots and a new Christmas Cactus.
  • If re-potting , use a bit of the soil from the older pot into the new pot.

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