Envirocycle The Best Compost Bin 2020 Review

I can’t stress how much we need more and more recycling in the world right now to keep earth intact so the planet can still provide us with essentials that we need to live off.

Recycling of organic waste is one of the best ways to reduce waste and preserve our environment. By the process of composting, organic waste is turned into liveable and rich soil. Composting would offer multiple benefits, especially if you intended to grow your own food in the backyard. By adding compost, the plant grows strong and healthy. People think making compost at home might be difficult and tedious. Here is where Envirocycle The Best Compost Bin, comes into the picture. Here is my review and thoughts on  Envirocycle The Best Compost Bin.

Compost Bin

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What is the Envirocycle Compost Bin

Envirocycle compost maker is a beautifully designed compost tumbler that has a fashionable and sleek design with excellent features. The material used for its construction is BPA free, is recyclable and eco-friendly. The composter is compact and can easily be placed on a deck, balcony, or a patio of any small apartment. 

The Envirocycle Compost Maker is an all-rounder that can produce liquid and solid compost. The drum of the compost makes solid compost while the base allows you to collect excess fluids, which you can use as precious liquid compost. The drum of the compost maker is a distinct and recognizable feature. Its capacity is up to 30-35 gallons. The drum also rotates, which is excellent as it allows you to turn and mix your compost easily. 

The Pros

  • The structure of the compost maker is solid. 
  • It has a great design and doesn’t look like a dust bin. 
  • The material used for making this composter is resistant to harsh environmental conditions. 
  • The composting process is fast and efficient. 
  • There is no need to add water when you start composting. You just need to add 25% brownish material and 75% fresh green material. 
  • The drainage system removes all the excess liquid in quite an efficient way. You can also add an attachment of a garden hose to the spigot of composter for draining excess water. 
  • It also used as a decorative part in the garden as it is the cutest composter among all others in the world. 
  • The company provides outstanding service to its customers. Usually, the customers get the answers to their queries in no time. 
  • Due to its smaller size, it can be taken anywhere and can be fitted into the tightest spots.
  • This composter cooks very well. Your compost will heat up quickly in the drum even during the winter season.
  • Envirocycle is really proud of this product, and they are doing their best to offer you the best service even after you buy the product

The Cons 

  • Envirocycle compost maker is a little expensive.
  • The capacity to make compost is small.  
Envirocycle The Best Compost Bin 2020
Envirocycle Compost Bin

Features and Specifications 

  • The compost is ready to use only in about 4-6 weeks. 
  • Its weight is only 24.6 pounds, which is very light compared to others. 
  • It has three vents to ensure a better flow of air.
  • The dimensions of this composter are 25.4 x 21.5 x27.7 inches. 
  • No assembly is required at all.
  • The materials used to make the Envirocycle composter are solid, which is suitable for any weather and impossible for rodents to get through.
  • This composter is made by using advanced technology, and there is no need to add water when starting the composting process. 
  • A drainage system is provided along with the wheel cavities. This helps keep the flow of water in the outward direction during rotation. 
  • The barrel openings are large, so disposal of garden waste and kitchen scrap is easy. 
  • In the cylindrical composter, grooves are designed on the external wall that offers a strong and easy-grip during rotation. 
  • The composter has a great interlocking system that ensures the drum is closed tight. 
  • The capacity of this compost maker is about 4.68 cubic feet or 35 gallons. 

The Good Points of Envirocycle Compost Maker 

Easy Turning of Compost

The stronger base of the Envirocycle composter ensures the barrel stays in its original position when it is rotating. Grooves on the outer walls perfectly fit and keep the drum in its central place, which prevents a rocking motion. Moreover, the construction material is strong enough to make it highly durable. High-grade eco-friendly plastic is used to make the tumbler. This compost maker adds beauty and high aesthetic value to the garden. 

Proper Ventilation

The ventilation holes are strategically located to speed up the process of composting. These holes promote airflow inside the compost maker’s tumbler. In only about four weeks, a rich compost will be ready. Additionally, assembly is not required for the entire composter, so it can be used right away. Every three days, the drum should be turned at least three times to ensure the best compost produced.

Easy Access and Drainage System

The drum has a large opening that allows easy access to add more garden and kitchen wastes. There are no worries about dripping of compost teas as it will be collected in the base to use as liquid compost.

No Entry of Rodents 

Due to robust construction and enclosed system, rodents cannot enter in the compost maker. The base is secure, and rodents cannot easily get over it. The latching of the door is tight, so animals and rodents cannot gain any access to the compost. 

No Smell 

The enclosed system does not cause the release of any smell, so the chances of attraction of insects, birds, animals, and rodents to the compost are greatly reduced. 

Production of Liquid and Solid Compost 

This innovative outdoor system for composting is a combination of the base for compost tea and the tumbler drum for making compost. The compost is safe in every aspect due to the use of rust-free and BPA free materials. The drum rotation on top of the base generates solid compost, and base serves for the collection of excess liquids as compost tea, which is precious and valuable liquid fertilizer. 

The Bad Points of Using Envirocycle Compost Maker 

High Price 

For some people, the price of this compost maker may be high. As compared to the other compost makers available in the market. This compost maker is costly, but its unique features and design make it completely worth it. If you are a crazy gardener and loves gardening, you might save money with this composter in the long run. In terms of designs and quality, this item is highly innovative, that cannot be offered by the other products. 

Small Capacity for Making Compost and Insects Attraction 

The capacity of the drum may be small for some gardeners. I see a lot of people buying two of these composters to make up for the low capacity. Some customers have also complained about the attraction of insects that often hover over the compost maker. To overcome this issue, add more brown material such as torn cardboard and brown leaves. The presence of insects is an indicator that the inside composting material is too wet. Adding dry, brown materials should solve the problem.

I know I said the small capacity might be a downside for some gardeners, but some gardeners might find it too big. 

Envirocycle is also selling the same composter in mini size. So if you have a tighter space than usual or you have a small garden that doesn’t require as much compost, the mini composter might be for you.

Envirocycle Compost Bin Review


The compost maker offered by the Envirocycle is the best solution for making high-quality compost. The process of compost making is fun and easy. The compost is ready to use soon after taking it out from the box, and there is no need for any assembly. Although its price is high, its distinct features greatly favor the production of quality compost. Envirocycle The Best Compost Bin is really the best.

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