Flower Gardening

Flower gardening is very popular. Flowers smell nice and are a great hobby watching those flowers bloom and caring for them. Flower gardening is simple, loads of fun and inexpensive. You can do flower gardening for your yard, or indoors in containers, as a hobby or professionally. You will love picking those flowers that have bloomed as a nice surprise for your loved one or friend.

Flower Gardening

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There are some things to consider before starting a flower garden. You have to decide if you want annuals that live for a season and must be replanted the next year or perennials that hibernate to survive the winter and bloom again in the summer. Also, keep in mind the climate around you and keep a check on sunlight. You don’t want a flower that needs a lot of sunlight but the climate around you doesn’t provide it.

If you have a large lawn you want to think about what look you want to go for. You may want short flowers in front and taller flowers in the back. Think about the colors and varieties of flowers. Mix them up for a wild look or rows of the same flowers. If you have a flower garden indoors you can buy various container pots that will go well with your home decor.

You can start your flower garden by buying seeds from a nursery or there are so many options online. You can buy actual grown flowers too and replant them in your garden or container.

Planting in flower gardening is very easy, simply sprinkle seeds around your flower bed. For transplants, dig a hole bigger than the flower, pull off the container and place the flower in the hole. Cover with loose soil and press down so the soil is firm around the plant. Lastly, water your plant thoroughly. You can do the same for replanting in another container.
Caring for a flower garden is even easier. Most Flowers will make it on their own as long as they are watered regularly. But its good to add in some fertilizer now and then.

You should add fertilizer when your plants are growing, this is the time they need more nutrients. For a large garden lawn, you can spread out organic nutrients like peat moss or compost, this will also save you work during the next season. Mix the fertilizer will with the soil. Try not to disturb your plant roots. Clean out and discard any dead leaves and flowers.

Flower Gardening
Beginning of a flower garden

That’s how easy flower gardening is. Decide what plant you want and plant it. After that, it’s just water water water with occasional fertilizer.
Flower gardening can make your lawn or home look beautiful with its color and natural life. Check out our post on how to plant roses.

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