Halloween Garden Ideas

Halloween is around the corner and if you love plants you can combine the two to make your home look spooky.
Here are some Halloween garden ideas for your home or lawn.

Halloween Ideas

Halloween skull Plant Pots

These Halloween skulls are bright, colorful and they look super festive for halloween. What’s great is that they come with a Tillandsias plant too.
Tillandsias need to be water misted once or twice a weak; easy.

This Halloween pumpkin pot looks great with bright colors. It comes with an artificial succulent plant. I would take out the artificial succulent plant, drill drainage holes, add some soil and put a real plant or succulent in there.

Another Halloween Skull plant pot, but this one doesn’t have the funny element. This one screams Halloween. Though they look scary, the material they are made off is very environmental friendly. They are really good for succulents or small plants. Plants are not included so you can plant any kind of succulent or plant of your choice.

Halloween decor for home or lawn

This is really going to go well on your lawn or garden. A cauldron emitting mist smoke with LED lights. All you have to do is add water and it will look like something hot is brewing (Though it doesn’t get hot).

These are Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns Garden Stakes. Great for your lawn. They go perfect next to your lawn plants. Kids will love them.

Though they say do not enter, these Halloween Yard Stake Signs are perfect to welcome your guests home. Eight different bloody stake signs you can place anywhere on your lawn.

Zombie hands trying to get its way out of your lawn. Who did you kill and bury in your yard? They are coming back to life to get sweet revenge. They come with yard stakes so you can just shove them in the ground.

Nothing says Halloween without skeletons and spiders. You are the skeletons and here are the spiders. These cobwebs are perfect for indoors and outdoors. They will give you the overall Halloween experience. They are glow in the dark and they come with spiders.

Check out these videos too they offer some more Halloween Garden Ideas with real plants.

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