Home Gardening Types and Benefits of Gardening

Home gardening is a lovely activity for the entire family. Gardening is a very popular hobby for everyone. It is a popular activity you can do with the whole family. Most people think gardening is only about flower gardening and outdoor gardens. But besides flower gardening and outdoor gardens there are many other types of gardens. Today I write about Home Gardening Types and Benefits Of Gardening.

Home Gardening

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Types of Home Gardens

Before you start a garden you need to think about what kind of garden you want. Each garden has different elements to it and the outcome of each garden is different. There are many different choices of gardens and you choose to start a garden according to your time commitment and what outcome you want from your garden.
Here are some of the gardens you can choose from.

Flower Garden

Flower gardens look the most beautiful. With the right flowers, you can have a bright, colourful garden with a really wonderful fragrance. 

Flower gardens are mostly filled with perennial flowers. Perennial are plants that flower season after season and stay healthy for a good few years like the rose plant. Depending on your area and climate you will find different kinds of perennials that would suit your garden.

A quick internet search for your area should give you a list of flowers that will thrive in your garden. 

Home Gardening Types and Benefits Of Gardening.
Flower Garden

Flower garden requires the hardest work during the initial set-up. 
After that flowers can stay healthy themselves with a little bit of maintenance from you.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Gardens are my favourite as they give you some loved fresh produce for all your hard work. They require more care and maintenance than a flower garden but all that hard work pays off.

If you set up right you can grow produce every year and as you get used to it you can grow different kinds of veggies. 

You can find all kinds of vegetables to grow throughout the year and you can grow most vegetables in containers. Container gardening is easier and less messy.

With everyone going vegan and thinking about pesticide-free and chemical-free veggies, vegetable gardens have become quite popular. A vegetable garden can give a lot of satisfaction when you place those fresh vegetables on your dinner table. You can plant any kind of vegetable, keep in mind the climate. Certain vegetables require a certain climate to grow healthy. Do some research before planting any vegetables.

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Check out our guides on how to grow bell peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes. You can do them all indoors too. 

Herb Garden

You can grow herbs in small pots in your house. My favourite spot is right near the kitchen so I easily have access to ultra-fresh herbs during my cooking. Mint is great as they smell nice and you can use them fresh in drinks. 

Herbs are easy to grow and you can grow them indoors too. These are great if you don’t have the space outdoors. Basil, thyme, oregano, and parsley are common herbs to grow. 

Herbs are not only for seasoning in food but you can grow lavender which is used for its aroma in many products. A few lavender plants in your room will give you a nice, fresh fragrance.

Fruit Garden

Fruit Gardens are the hardest to grow and maintain. If you wish to grow healthy and many fruits this garden requires more space and more time for maintenance. 

You need a lot of elements to be right for a fruit garden. You need to deal with pests and they are attracted to the sweetness of fruits. 

And you need to have the right fertilizer and the correct mix of soil for your fruits to stay healthy. Also, when you plant your fruit is very important. Planting a fruit during its off-season can be unfruitful: pun intended.

Do not start a fruit garden if you cannot put the time and effort. I don’t want you to be disappointed. 

Though it sounds tedious the end result of a fruit garden will make you the happiest. It will feel like you are Adam and Eve eating apples in Eden.

If you have sunny weather most of the time you could grow watermelons and peaches. 

You could also try a berry garden with strawberries and blueberries. 
Berry gardens are easier to care for and require less space than a vegetable garden. Your children will love plucking berries out the trees they cared for and eat them.

Though I said fruit gardens are the hardest to maintain, there are a few fruit trees that are easier to grow and care for than others. Check out the video below, you will find it really interesting.

Berries and Mint
Blueberries , Strawberries and Mint leaves
5 Fruit Trees that are too EASY to GROW in the Home Garden


Landscaping is another form of gardening. You can decorate your yard with different types of grasses and plants. Decorating with a pond or fountain is also included as landscaping gardening. You are not limited to plant life here. 

These are some of the gardens you can start. Its a delight to see flowers bloom and find vegetables to harvest. It all comes down to what you want as a final result, flowers, fruits, herbs, vegetable or some extravagant landscaping. Maintaining a lawn or garden is the fun part, I have a list of the best electric lawn mowers to help you care for your lawn

Apart from being a fun and restfulness activity, Gardening in any form can be very beneficial too.

Front Yard Landscaping
Front yard Landscape

Benefits of Home Gardening

Now we learnt the different types of home gardens, here are its benefits.

  • You can harvest the freshest, pesticide-free and chemical-free veggies and fruits. 
  • Plants and trees release oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, making the air you breathe much better.
  • Green is the most restful color of the human eye. It can improve vision and give u a sense of peace. 
  • Your garden will invite a lot of animals, like squirrels and birds. They might make your garden into their new home
7 Health Benefits to Growing Food at Home

Benefits for kids

Gardening is immensely beneficial for kids. They get to spend time with you outdoors and can learn a lot from gardening. If your kids are new at gardening they can start of with taking care of cactus and succulents. Cactus and succulents are very strong and are easier to take care off. Your kids can learn :

Science and Life

Your children will learn about the plant cycle and how humans can be responsible for our environment. In our world today we especially need our younger generations to learn how important our environment is to us. You can teach them photosynthesis and the miracle of life through a seed. Harvesting fruits and vegetables is handy knowledge to have. 


Gardening reduces stress as it has a very calming effect. Working with plants and trees feels very natural and you feel like one with the earth.

Children are very stressed since a young age nowadays, for various reasons. Anxiety and stress levels are very high in kids these days. Gardening will help relax anyone and give your mind serenity. 

Small Cacti and Succulents
Small Cacti and Succulents are a lot of fun.

Quality Time with the Family

In today’s world, it is hard to find time to spend with the family. It may be right outside your house but gardening does make you go outside. Watching flowers bloom, plants grow, harvesting fruits and vegetables is quality time spent with the family

The Health Benefits of Gardening

From Visually.

This lovely info graphic from greenhousepeople says a lot visually about the benefits of gardening. Gardening is wonderful, I can’t think of anything negative about gardening. We all should have plants and flowers in our homes and around us. Gardening is not limited to large spaces, you can garden even indoors.

If you like my post on Home Gardening Types and Benefits Of Gardening. . Check out my posts about how to grow cacti, succulents and aloe vera, you can have these small beautiful plants in the smallest of spaces. If your a hardcore gardener that wants to produce a lot of vegetables or other produce you might be interested in how to build your own hydroponics system. A hydroponic system can give you so much produce , not only will be enough for you to live off with but you can sell what you grow for an income. Its amazing inst it. Everyone should try their hand at gardening.

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