How to keep indoor cacti and succulents alive

Cacti and succulents come in all shapes and sizes. They can be placed anywhere in your house and the smallest of rooms. Cacti and succulents are some of the toughest houseplants and they do not need much maintenance. However, things can go wrong and you might find your cacti dying. In this article we show you how to keep indoor cacti and succulents alive.

Cacti and Succulents

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How to keep indoor cacti and succulents alive :


When we think about cacti we immediately think about a hot desert. Cacti and Succulents can survive in any weather. They need the sun but they may not need direct sunlight. I had a few cacti and succulent pots near the window and they would get direct sunlight during the summer for long periods of hours.

A couple of them were aloe vera plants and I thought that’s what they need but I noticed the tip of aloe vera leaves were turning reddish-brown. I did some research and found out that they were getting sunburnt. That’s right, they were in direct sun too much and were getting a suntan. I moved all my pots inside and within a few days, the sunburnt reddish-brown tips on the leaf disappeared. Not only that but the plants turned into a nice fresh bright green color. Pay attention to your plants, notice their change in color or anything else different. They won’t just die without showing you warning signs.


This is the tricky one. Over watering and under watering may both kill the plant as a result. There are lots of things to consider before you know just how much you need to water your plants. The size of the pot, the size of the plant, the weather, etc. If you are doubtful it’s better to start with little water. Your cacti and succulents have strong water-storing features and are more likely to survive with less water. That doesn’t mean you do not water them, they do need water. Always keep watching them, notice a change in color or appearance. They will give u signs of too much watering or underwatering.

Keep in mind the weather, during the summer you want to water more frequently and during the winter you want to do the opposite. It’s good to have pots with holes so that any excess water is drained. 
Rainwater is best for cacti if you can manage to collect some. You can find some really pretty cacti and succulent pots with holes for water drainage here.


Compost and fertilizer is the food for your plants. The best compost for cacti and succulents is a fast-draining compost.
When you water your pots and find that the water doesn’t drain in a few minutes consider changing your compost.
You can also just mix your regular soil with a bit of sand.
You can find special compost made specially for cacti and succulents here.
Nowadays fertilizers can come in liquid form too. They are a food boost with all the minerals and everything else needed for your cacti and succulents to grow. You can find a great variety of them in liquid form or capsule form or plain old mud form here.

cacti repot compost
Cacti Compost


Re-potting is very important as your plant grows. When your cacti and succulent get bigger you will want to repot them into a bigger pot. 

Re-potting also gives you a chance to change the compost and add new fertilizer. To stay alive cacti and succulents need not only water but food which they get from compost and fertilizers. As time passes the compost and fertilizer lose its effectiveness. Adding or changing the container pot completely with new compost and fertilizer gives a great boost to growing cacti and succulents. I find it best to repot my cacti and succulents during the summer when they grow more. 

Re-potting can be tricky with those prickly thorns from cacti and delicate succulents. Without the right equipment re-potting can be uncomfortable and you might damage your plants as a result. Below this article is a list of the best tools you can buy on amazon to help you with your gardening.

how to keep indoor cacti and succulents alive
You could also combine few cacti and succulents into one big pot.

I hope you liked my article on how to keep indoor cacti and succulents alive.
Small cacti and succulents are really cool to have indoors. They do not take up any space and you can place them anywhere. It doesn’t cost a lot to maintain them too. There are so many interesting species of cacti and succulents, all with very different features. So buy your home a lovely prickly cacti or succulent.

Let me know of your experience with with these cute and goofy plants in the comment section below. Also check out Leaf and Clay, they have amazing cacti and succulents , that you will love.

If your looking for plant pots for your succulents do check out our succulent plant pots. We sell them on Amazon UK.

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8 thoughts on “How to keep indoor cacti and succulents alive

  1. Sandra Hancock says:

    Love this information – from a very young age I’ve had succulents – and while they have been in and out of fashion over my time – I think they are wonderful… and when they do flower its just beyond excitement – so grateful for this site to encourage newbies to appreciate something so different 🙂

  2. Cathy says:

    Excellent information! I always loved tiny cactuses. My grandparents used to have several at a time in their windows. I want one, but none of my windows let in sunlight! In hopes of getting my own place someday with enough windows, I’d love to get some tiny cactuses and succulents. Thanks for posting!

    • Aaron Pereira says:

      Thank you cathy,

      You should get an aloevera . It doesn’t need direct sunlight and you can cut the aloe vera leaves and use the gel for your skin. They have healing properties.

  3. Judy says:


    Thanks for the info about cactuses.

    I love these spikey plants, but I’ve never had one that lived for longer that a few years.

    One died and just below the soil level the cactus was quite soggy, so now I’m thinking that I may have killed it with over watering.

    I used to just give it a really good soak whenever I thought about it, with quite a gap inbetween times.

    Would you say its better to water them a little every day, or would a once a week soak be better?

    I like your suggestion of a pot with holes in it. I will try that with my new plant.

    • Aaron Pereira says:

      thank you for comments Judy,
      Yes you need fast drain soil and drainage holes in your pot. If your cactus are small you can also mist them with a water spray regularly, that’s all they need.

  4. Jesse Lee says:

    Intriguing post!
    I have a few succulents that I have kept inside for a couple years and they have had some success.
    You give a lot of helpful tips for taking care of these cool plants. I definitely try to water them just the right amount but I would say that I try to slightly under water the plants more.
    This is because I had heard that it was more likely to over water a succulent plant than under water it.
    I will try and focus on repotting my succulents soon so I can give them new fertilizer to help them grow.
    Thank you for all the helpful information!

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