How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 Steps

A guide on How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 steps.
A beautiful garden is a work of heart. There is a lot of satisfaction in creating your own garden. It can be relaxing. stress free and fun for the kids. It is great to have nature around our homes, it provides fresh air, something really beautiful to look at and you can even get some fresh veggies and fruits out of them. You can do fun, relaxing gardening work all year round for your whole life. But how do you create a unique garden and how do you start?

Garden at Home

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A Guide on How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 Steps

1. Identify WHY you want a garden

Think about how you will use the garden and who else will enjoy it. A vegetable garden is great for kids as they get to grow veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and then watch you cook with the same veggies. There are all sorts of different gardens you can do. Flower garden, fruit garden, berry garden, container garden and even a wonderful herb garden. Keep in mind the space you have for gardening. Most importantly you must have the passion for creating your own garden. A garden that is ignored just won’t work. Check out this post for more details on Home Gardening Types and Benefits.

2. Dream a little 

Now that you know what kind of garden you want, imagine about it. If you have a picture in your head of how your garden should look like you can make a plan for it and work towards it.

3. A list of “must-haves”

Make a list of all the things you need to build your garden. This list can be a list of tools you need and a list of things you need to do. For example, you need gloves, digging equipment, and other gardening tools. You also may want to build a fence, a pathway, etc. 

How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 steps
Create a Garden in any space

4. Evaluate 

Walk around your property and keep writing whatever comes into your head. Think about how you are going to water your garden, do you have access to water nearby. Do you have a large space or small space for the garden? Is the soil fit for a garden? Evaluating these things early will make your work easier in the long run.

5. Budget

Budget here means two things, money and time. Time may be more important here in this case. Your garden will need to be looked after or it will turn into an eyesore. Some gardens may require more time to look after than other gardens. Some gardens may be more expensive than what you are willing to spend. You will need to buy those essential “must-haves” gardening tools. Budget your time and money. People will say get a caretaker but that spoils the whole point of having your own garden unless of course, you have a huge property like the queen of England

6. Research and Design

You know what kind of garden you want and you have a budget for time and money. Now its time to do research, to see if it’s possible to create a garden in your space. Research the kind of plants, trees you want. Research about the climate conditions. Plants come in all different shapes and sizes, you may want to add a lot of bright flowering plants.You may want pebbles and stone to give your soil contrast and color. 

You can enhance your knowledge by reading books, magazines, and articles on gardening. Once you have done your research and you are confident in what you want you can draw a simple sketch of your garden. 

7. Your Unique garden’s focal point

Have you seen huge gardens in movies or just in general? They all have something in the center or something that catches your eye. It can be a fountain , a statue or even a beautiful tree that stands out from the rest of the garden. This is your focal point, think about what you want in your garden as a focal point. This is the first thing that will catch the eye of any visitor.

8. Execute your plan

Its time to execute your plan. Gardening takes time and effort and you certainly can’t do it within a few weeks. All the beautiful gardens you see are carefully looked after. Get your family involved, gardening is great for kids. It can be very educational for kids and a lot of fun. Over time you will learn new things and new ways to make your garden even better and more beautiful. Now you know How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 steps.

How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 steps
Nature in Your home

If designing a garden space may sound intimidating. Use this How to Start a Beautiful Garden in 8 steps guide and you will be on your way to a beautiful garden. You CAN do it. Think about barbecues, kids play space, backyard parties or just relaxing under the sun. 

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