Rose Gardening in Late Fall

Rose Gardening in late fall can be an unusual time. Late fall is usually around November and December. While late fall marks the end of the growing season, winter hibernation hasn’t started yet.
You should use this period to prepare your roses for winter.

Rose Gardening

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Your roses still require your attention as they are not in hibernation yet.
Roses will still need water, so make sure you water the soil enough. The soil should be wet. You can give them a good watering like usual but do not overwater. Continue watering even during the winter. This will help hydrate the roots and protect them from harsh cold weather.

This is the time you need to stop encouraging growth. Anything you did in our earlier post to encourage rose growth will stop. Stop all pruning and deadheading activities. Your roses won’t need any fertilizer or organics during this period. You want your rose to be healthy at the same time prepare them for a dormant period.

Diseases can still affect your roses. Check our post on how to deal with rose Diseases and Pests.

Clean the area around your roses. Clear the area of all dead leaves and start adding mulch.

Rose Gardening in late fall
Pink Roses

This is the last struggle for your roses this year. If you maintained your roses and took enough care for them all your hard work would have paid off. Rose Gardening in late fall is important , if done right you will be rewarded with beautiful blooms of roses. You can learn how to start rose planting in this article.

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