The Best Way to Grow Potatoes in Containers

A lack of garden space shouldn’t stop you from growing your own veggies. With containers you can easily grow veggies indoors at home. In this article you will learn the best way to grow potatoes in containers.

You don’t need a huge garden space to grow potatoes in containers. I have successfully grown potatoes on my balcony. Growing your own at home makes so much sense. They’re easy to grow, they store well and they taste much, much better. This is why potatoes are popular in most home veggie gardens.

Grow Potatoes at Home

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How to Grow 

Potatoes are easy to grow and it can be a fun activity for the whole family. Next time you make a potato dish and your friends and family ask “wow what kind of potatoes do you use” You say “My own homegrown potatoes grown with some TLC

So how to grow them :

  • You can use anything for a container, garbage bin, large plant pots, etc. All you need is something you can drill drainage holes in and add a lot of soil. 
  • You also require good sunlight for five to eight hours and temperatures around 65 F (18 C). You can grow them on a deck or balcony. When they are in containers you can grow them anywhere as long as they got the sunlight. 
  • Avoid very cold climates. Mix free draining soil mixture and handful of slow-release fertiliser. Add this soil mixture into the container.  
  • Find a potato with many sprouts on the potato skin. Your new potato will grow from here. Plant the potato inside the container and cover it with soil. Container potatoes need a lot of water. Have good water drainage so they do not turn soggy.


Your potato plants will flower and turn yellow, that is when you know you can start harvesting. It should take 2-4 months depending on the kind of potato you planted. You can also put your hand in that soil and feel the potatoes are remove them before your plant flowers. Once the stems turn yellow, stop watering, wait a week and dig out the rest of the potatoes. Clean them with water and let them cure in storage for 2 weeks.


  • Preparing the soil or container properly has a big impact on the crop
  • Take care of them so they don’t go green. If they do go green don’t use them, they are poisonous.
  • Water them well but not too much. Potatoes are prone to diseases and pests if they are drowning in water. Fast drain soil and drainage holes will solve this problem
The best way to grow potatoes in containers
Potato Dish

The process is fairly simple, but as you get into it you may need more information. Renowned Plant Pathologist and Nutrition Expert Lucia Grimmer has written a book on How to Grow Great Potatoes. It is very detailed and used by professionals. If she doesn’t know something about growing potatoes, then it is not worth knowing. If you like this article and love growing veggies you might be interested in my other articles on how to grow tomatoes from seed at home and Growing bell pepper Plants at home too.

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